Toki Initiatives

In addition to the established program of the School of Music and the Arts, at the NGO Toki Rapa Nui, we develop other lines of action to ensure the comprehensive education of the community.

We aspire to make a contribution to every family member of our school, impacting their surroundings and the island in general.

In terms of sustainability, we are strategic partners of the Plastic Oceans Foundation and members of the global Blue Communities program, as well as members of the Environmental Education Network of the local municipality.

We have developed various actions to promote environmental awareness in our surroundings and the community in general, such as organizing the International Social Innovation Festival (fiiS) in Rapa Nui, conducting informative campaigns on microplastics, ocean pollution, waste management, recycling, composting, and waste reduction, among others. Similarly, we have participated in island reforestation and beach cleaning activities.

Our school won the National Environmental Award in 2015, constructed by our founder Enrique Icka and designed by the revolutionary architect Michael Reynolds.

Additionally, we conduct rotating workshops to promote the teaching of language and culture in general. Some examples from the past include courses on Rapa Nui gastronomy, composition and band, takona and rongo rongo, maramarama tupuna, among others. takona and rongo rongo, maramarama tupuna, entre otros.
We have also conducted classes on guitar, choir, flute, among others, taking advantage of the knowledge and goodwill of guest artists.