As members of the Community of Solidarity Organizations (COS) since 2014, we annually present our FECU (Financial Statements and Compliance with the Chilean Law on Transparency and Good Governance).This document serves as a standardized tool for reporting our activities and financial status as a Nonprofit Organization. It has been audited consistently since the beginning of our membership until 2022, and randomly from 2023 onwards.

In the FECU, we publish the details of our operational and financial management, project progress, and activities carried out during the period, which we share with the community in an open assembly.

In this way, we meet the information requirements of the Ministry of Justice, transparently showcase our work to donors and other members of civil society, standardize good practices, promote management and self-reflection, foster a culture of accountability and transparency, and fulfill legal, financial system, and public information requirements.

To date, all the annual audits conducted on us, along with the periodic project reports we have submitted to various institutions, have always been accepted. This indicates that our work is being done in a correct and transparent manner.

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