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Nuestro Proyecto

The Music and Arts School is an educational community, part of NGO TOKI Rapa Nui, where a cultural-educational program is developed to empower children and youth, provide them with opportunities for expression, and channel their talent in a positive and loving way.

Through this program, we cover the teaching of various disciplines and the values ​​associated with the practice of instruments, such as perseverance and respect, as well as environmental awareness and the preservation of traditions.

Comprehensive and quality education is key for us, emphasizing the learning processes of our students; planning effectively to enhance their learning; sharing musical activities with attentive and respectful listening; as well as experiencing the values of mo`a (respect), umanga (collaborative work for the common good), tapu (sacred), and here (love).

We currently have more than 80 students and over 1,100 throughout our history.

The Music and Arts School has two areas of training, which frequently intertwine: Classical and Ancestral.

Music School

Classical Area

Ancestral Area