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Teachers in traditional Rapa Nui disciplines

Alberto Tepano
Alberto TepanoUkelele Teacher
He has a rich ancestral oral tradition. He knows about natural medicine, agriculture, carving, hoko, dance, and song. In 1999 he joined the Kari Kari cultural dance group as a dancer and musician. He has formed several groups, including Mana RongoRongo, Te Ra’ai, and Te Aito. He has participated in films for international television, in documentaries, commercials, and movies. He has been a ukulele monitor at Lorenzo Baeza School and a teacher at the Rapa Nui School of Music and the Arts since 2013. He works as a local guide doing cultural events: ancestral weddings, ceremonial curantos, etc
María Victoria Tepano
María Victoria TepanoRe’u rio (ancestral Rapanui song) Teacher
She studied at the Universidad de Concepcion and has profound knowledge of folklore, dance, and musical expression. Maria has dedicated her life to the diffusion and teaching of Rapa Nui music. She formed a children’s group of riu and ute which are ancestral songs of the Rapanui people. She has worked arduously to create the "Asociacion Indigena de Guias Especializados “mana tapu ao”, a group of specialized indigenous tour guides who conserve and preserve the culture and revitalize the Rapanui language.

Teachers in Classical Disciplines

Alejandra Rojas
Alejandra RojasViolín
She studied for 3 years at the Conservatory of Music of Antonino Toro and graduated as a violinist in 2004 at the Arica Artistic High School. She completed a course in string and wind instruments in Arica and during her training she was awarded several scholarships and has worked as a violin teacher in various academies and colleges in Chile.
Elizabeth Sepúlveda Despouse
Elizabeth Sepúlveda DespouseCello
Elizabeth holds degrees from the Universidad de Talca in teaching, conducting, and performance, mention cello. She has participated in diverse festivals and classes, been a part of several orchestras and taught cello in the Universidad de Talca Conservatory and elsewhere in Chile.
Marisol Medina
Marisol MedinaViolín
Starting her private lessons in violin at an early age, she then transfered to the Conservatoire de Musique du Quebec. She perfected her skills in the United States and has participated in many international performances. She had the opportunity to visit 80 countries before settling on rapanui as a teacher at the School of Music.
Valeria Prado
Valeria PradoPiano
Valeria studied piano at the Universidad de La Serena and did post graduate studies in Cuba. She is both a concert pianist and a teacher. She has participated in the School of Music and the Arts since its beginning and has had an intense musical career together with other young musicians in the Rapa Nui community.

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