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The Rapa Nui School of Music and the Arts gives free high level classes to more than 120 students in both classical and traditional Rapa Nui disciplines.

Our objective is to provide opportunities that were inexistent until recently to children and adolescents so they can explore and develop their talents without having to abandon the island. We give them the values inherent in the learning of an instrument: perseverance, respect, discipline, and improved self-esteem. This has repercussions in the whole society and particularly in the future of the children. We also seek to impact the whole community with the music through the children and adolescents.


Toki students receive free classes in the classical disciplines of violin, cello, piano, orchestra, and ear training and in the traditional disciplines of ukulele and re’o riu (ancestral song).

We are working to rescue the Rapanui language through the traditional disciplines as well as to develop the skills required for each activity. We are seeing great advancement in our work to preserve this culture and especially its language which is in imminent danger of extinction.


Contact Us on the Mainland



 Andrea Amar

Head of Finances and Projects

Contact Us on the Rapa Nui:

 Carolina Campos

NGO Toki Executive Director


 Carla León Caroca

Coordinator of The School of Music and the Arts

Terreno Toki S/N, Isla de Pascua


 Francisca Sepúlveda

Tourism Plan ONG Toki




 Enrique Icka

Sustainability Area


 Juan Haoa Hotus

Head of Toki’s Agro Ecological Project


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