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Buy a beautiful ukulele!

The ukelele is a common Polynesian instrument that has been widely incorporated into Rapa Nui music and accompanies typical Rapa Nui songs and dances. Its characteristic sound gives it a personality that draws listeners to the island.

You can buy an exclusive ukulele crafted by hand with native Chilean wood. The money we make will help more children attend classes!


If you are on the mainland, contact @tokirapanui.org

If you are on Rapa Nui, contact Francisca Contesse directly. Her cell phone is +569 31957648.



Late is with Toki!

Buy LATE wáter and toilet paper in stores on Rapa Nui or for your house, office, or business. Toki receives 100% of the profit.

How do you arrange this solidaristic purchase?

Place your order in www.late.cl and select Toki Rapa Nui as the foundation you want to help (in the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION section of your confirmation of purchase) or register your business by mail at info@late.cl


Books, culture, and solidarity


Check out the Coleccion Cultura y Patrimonio Inmaterial Rapa Nui: it is a collection of three books that bring together the work of various writers about current patrimonial topics. It was compiled and edited by Valentina Fajreldin, an anthropologist from the Universidad de Chile.

100% of the sale of this collection which was financed by the Fondo Del Libro in 2016 will go directly to NGO Toki with the objective of contributing to the development of the Rapa Nui culture.



Contact Us on the Mainland



 Andrea Amar

Head of Finances and Projects

Contact Us on the Rapa Nui:

 Carolina Campos

NGO Toki Executive Director


 Carla León Caroca

Coordinator of The School of Music and the Arts

Terreno Toki S/N, Isla de Pascua


 Francisca Sepúlveda

Tourism Plan ONG Toki




 Enrique Icka

Sustainability Area


 Juan Haoa Hotus

Head of Toki’s Agro Ecological Project


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