Toki’s Orchestra participates in classes with the Orquesta Sinfonica de Chile

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In November and December 2020 exceptional teachers from the educational area of the Orquesta Sinfonica Nacional de Chile gave the children from Toki’s orchestra on-line classes through Zoom. 

Throughout November and into part of December 2020 the educational area of the Orquesta Sinfonica Nacional de Chile organized a series of on-line workshop for students of different infant and youth orchestras, especially in regions and isolated areas. Toki’s orchestra on Rapa Nui was one of those selected!

The classes which were given without charge through Zoom reinforced the work being done by the children’s teachers and further motivated the children to practice their instruments and work on orchestra repertoire.

During the Sinfonica’s 4 sessions with the children, technical aspects of orchestra repertoire were studied.

Coordination for the sessions was handled by Elizabeth Despouse, the Director of Toki’s Infant - Youth orchestra, who set up the work program which  ended in mid December 2020.

Classes were conducted in Co-Working of the Corporation of Rapa Nui Art and Culture (a collaborative space known as Hare Haka Mana) which has better internet reception than at Toki, permitting us to access Zoom for classes with the Sinfonica.

 Everything is a challenge in isolated areas of Chile such as Rapa Nui!

We are extremely grateful to have had the possibility to study with grand musicians and to have a space we could use without charge for classes. Thank you CEAC and the City Hall of Rapa Nui.