Toki is part of Blue Communities!

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In January 2021 Toki Rapa Nui and Plastic Ocean signed an agreement of mutual collaboration in their first joint project, Blue Communities. Different local projects are carried on at sites around the world considering care of environment, society, and culture.  Its motto is  WE CAN AND MUST ACT LOCALLY TO ACCELERATE CHANGE ON A WORLD LEVEL.

Plastic Oceans –through its Blue Communities program- helps existing or emerging actions that function well or can be of benefit to the community by increasing size of group, aiding with financing and the resources they need, and connecting communities and organizations all over the world that have similar ideas.

Each member of the community is a rich source of information and wisdom and encouraged to interact, inform, inspire and trigger different types of action and change for a healthier planet and society.

A Blue Community is a coastal region that is trying to resolve the issue of plastic contamination and other problems of sustainability with a profound understanding of the cultural, economic, and environmental dynamics in the area.  Current communities are found in Mexico, India, the US, South Africa, and Chile. The latter has two Blue Communities, on Rapa Nui and Chiloe.