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Annual examinations in cello, piano, and violin at Toki

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Toki’s School of Music and the Arts had its student exams on January 11 – 13, 2021 following an unprogrammed suspension in December.

Exams at the School of Music routinely take place in December. These tests are mandatory and a commission measures how much each child has advanced with their instrument.

However, the Rapa Nui community voluntarily quarantined in December due to the arrival of an airplane carrying 300 passengers. With few medical options, a lower immunity to illnesses than mainlanders, and a large fragile elderly population, the islanders have made a big effort to keep COVID-19 off Rapa Nui.

Carla Fernandez, a piano teacher at Toki, said that “In general everyone played very well because they had prepared for this exam. They were self-assured and confident and the most advanced students showed a lot of musicality and technique. It was obvious in their exams that everyone had dedicated time at home to their music studies. We were very happy.”

Toki renews its commitment to transparency in 2020: Memory, Fecu Social and Public Accounting are available to all! Esta texto eliminaron en ingles el ano pasado

To be absolutely transparent in all our dealings, we permanently show Toki’s Public Accounting and Memory in our WEB. There you can permanently learn the details of our business transactions from one year to the next. These documents have been examined in the Comunidad de Organizaciones Sociales (COS) and then the Ministry of Justice in Valparaiso

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