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A round of concerts at Toki’s School of Music

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The first concerts of this challenging year were performed from October 21 – 23, 2020 at the Katipare Reading Center, Rapa Nui’s Public Library, and were moving!

Mai Ki Here is the name given to this round of awareness Concerts, which were presented by students and teachers from TOKI’S School of Music and the Arts. The three days were dedicated to causes that the children believe are important such as responsible and loving ownership of animals on Easter Island.  The young musicians rehearsed intensively during September to build up their performance repertoire.

It was a challenge that the students and teachers took on bravely and decisively, because they had only been able to rehearse together for the last few months. At the beginning of the pandemic all classes were suspended and later classes resumed in each student’s home.

These classes were able to start back up thanks to the generosity of volunteers at the Global Leaders Program who taught classes online  and our teachers who went to their students’ homes and kept them practicing during the pandemic.

And the results were notable in this emotional round of concerts. The pieces they played reflected passion, sweetness, dedication and discipline. They received ceaseless rounds of applause.

October 21: Carla Fernandez and Elizabeth Sepulveda’s piano and cello students performed

October 22: teachers’ concert

Elizabeth Sepulveda and Carla Fernandez performed duo cello- piano music by Dvorak and Faure. Valeria Prado and Mahani Teave performed works by Mozart, Debussy, and Brahms.

Trio: Carla Fernandez, Valeria Prado and Mahani Teave performed a trio piano piece by Rachmaninov

October 23: Valeria Prado’s students performed, then she played a piano solo and then violin students performed

Unconditional Help

TOKI has worked continuously for the last 8 years thanks to many people, institutions, and an island that believe in our project. The classes that are being given and this round of concerts were made possible thanks to great and fundamental allies.

The Regional Ministerial Secretary of Valparaiso for the Ministry of Culture, Arts, and Patrimony was fundamental This plan was financed through the Linea de Apoyo a Espacios Cultures, from the program Apoyo a Organizationes Culturales Colaboradores, Convocatoria 2020.

We thank Chile’s Ministry of Housing, who through the Presidential Subvention helped us to finance classes at TOKI’S School of Music and the Arts.

Fundacion Mar Adentro has given us unconditional help for many years. They have generated collaborative experiences using art and science to teach, raise awareness and generate action to help nature. Even at complex moments such as we faced this year, they have never stopped helping our students.

Another invaluable entity that has been with us since our beginnings is Easter Island’s Corporacion Cultural which has helped us in all possible ways to continue with classes and our mission.

And of course we are very grateful to our friends and sponsors who, month after month, have given us money and their love to keep our project alive.

The Reading center, Katipare, kindly gave us space so we could take our students’ music to the whole community.

We want to thank every person and institution that has given us a hand. Thank you, thank you for your support! Watching each one of our children become more conscious humans, full of great values, happy, and developing their talents, we see that we have not been mistaken in believing in this project. Maururu.

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