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Inside Toki: Our Executive Director, Carolina Campos, bids us farewell

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Carolina was a volunteer before she took charge of Toki Tourism with a Purpose in 2018-2019. She was Toki’s Executive Director from February 2019 -2020. She is charismatic, dedicated and has shown a love for our project. We at Toki are very grateful for all her hard work and positive energy. Although she is no longer with us, she will always be a TOKI.  Maururu Carolina!

Carolina’s words: “When I was offered the opportunity to collaborate with NGO Toki a few years ago, I never thought that this new challenge would become the starting point of a grand journey in both personal and professional growth. I didn’t realize that my work at Toki, an organization that I had followed from its beginnings, would prepare me to face the times we are living in.

Once inside, I realized that this Center for Integral Development is really INTEGRAL and that the areas being developed at the NGO such as education, bio-construction and agro-ecology would become pillars  that we need to fortify life in these new times. The fruits of my labor began to become apparent quickly. I fell more and more in love with the beautiful philosophy of the organization and finally, after 8 years of living on the island, I understood the Rapa Nui cosmovision and the benefits for both the community and the planet.  It was not just the members of Toki’s team that reaffirmed this conviction, but every person who passed through Toki, people from distinct fields who- in one way or another- converged because they believed that a change of conscience was a key to facing social and environmental challenges.

Toki is a magical place and welcomes all those who want to become TOKI, instruments of change to carve out a better present and a future with a legacy for those who will continue to work to protect and preserve this ancestral culture.

The challenge to transform oneself and then transform society is latent in our lives today and NGO Toki has been working for more than 8 years to achieve this goal which resembles a dream, but has become a reality today. After Toki, a family that I sadly had to leave because of the pandemic, it will become very difficult to work if it isn’t for the common good, to conceive of a new idea if it isn’t with collaborative work and I am convinced that the tools of cultural rescue to face the new world are in our hands and above all in our hearts. This flame is alive and will continue to strengthen this grand task that still has much to give in benefit of all… I for one will do it.


Caroline Campos M.

June 23, 2020

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