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Global Leaders Program visits Toki and counsels us in strategic planning

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During January 2020 a team from the Global Leaders Program visited us at the School of Music and the Arts to help and counsel us in our work.

The Global Leaders Program (GLP) was founded with the mission to cultivate leadership abilities, entrepreneurship, and social innovation in a new generation of artists whose work generates an important impact in their communities. Directed by an alliance of ten prominent international universities and think-tanks which includes Harvard, Georgetown, McGill, and Duke and professors of world caliber including two Nobel Prize winners, they offer their expertise to a group of 50 promising talents in the music area throughout the world (http://www.globalleadersprogram.com)

During January 2020 fifty artists-entrepreneurs from 26 countries in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania traveled to Chile to participate in the third International Residence of the Global Leaders Program (GLP). This artistic, academic and educational encounter is commissioned by Harvard’s Center of Latin American Studies (DRCLAS) and seeks to help our country which is in the process of asking profound questions about our social and economic future.

The participants of the GLP, along with international professors, and advisers at international institutions of the highest level, worked with more than a dozen local communities from Arica to Patagonia with the purpose of empowering local NGO leaders, educators, students and teachers. The purpose of these interactions and collaborations is to help the arts and culture as a vital component of a committed, empathetic, productive and connected society. In addition to contributing their time and experience, the GLP members had the opportunity to learn about Chilean traditions with the purpose of cultivating and strengthening the relations and international network of musical communities in Chile. (Source: DIRAC)

In this context and with the purpose of advising and sharing their knowledge with Toki, two members of the Global Leaders Program, Kendall Grady and Salome Rateau,  hosted diverse master classes for our students during the week of January 12 – 20, 2020.

They were a great help to Toki’s management team, helping to formulate strategic plans for 2020 and facilitating diverse work with students, teachers and sponsors.

We look forward to working with them again! Amazing artists and incredible human beings! Thank you GLP!

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