We are more alive than ever thanks to you

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We all knew that life could change in a second, but when it happened, we were shaken to our core.

Toki’s process to restructure began last year and finally in January 2020 we arrived to a more financially sustainable model, where the community institutions as well as parents would participate actively in the funding -and search of- for the project. But everything came to a screeching halt in March 2020 when circumstances forced us to stop everything. The institutions that were going to help us, had to re-destine their funds because of the Covid-19 and the main economic motor of the island, tourism, suddenly stopped. All schools were ordered to close because of the emergency.

But as life changes, miracles also occur. Despite the crisis, hundreds of friends, sponsors, Toki ambassadors, teachers, and students have united to minimize the impact of this break. Presently Toki’s School of Music and the Arts is very much alive in the hearts of those who have given it life all these years. We would like to say THANK YOU for this.
Although our teachers- who have always given the best of themselves- have had their contracts terminated or suspended, many are giving classes long distance, with videos and audios to their children in order to continue their mission, waiting until it is possible to have person to person lessons and until we are able to resume classes in our school. The countrywide suspension of classes, and the fall of our major funding, doesn’t mean the end of this dream. More than ever, it is now that people are helping each other and we know we will also make it through.

Our management team, though reduced to a minimum, continues working, including some as volunteers, searching to fill the gap of missing funding, so classes can be re-initiated in an orderly manner when Chile re-opens schools.

Our citizen contributors have continued supporting us and some-knowing our reality-have called to donate additional money this year to enable us to keep this dream alive. Others who had to stop donating have sent us letters of love and commitment.

We are endlessly grateful to Fundacion Mar Adentro and the Corporacion Cultural de Isla de Pascua who will continue to support us as they have every year.
It is important to note that the money that we receive will keep us minimally operational, cover Toki’s debts and the bulk will be channeled into classes when school re-opens.   

We thank our friends in the Global Leader Program, an outstanding project that advises and supports music and talents and that was on Rapa Nui during the summers of 2018 and 2020. Four of their musicians/teachers and two additional volunteers contacted us as soon as they found out about our situation, THEY WANTED TO HELP US, and will give classes through our YouTube platform. These are exceptional musicians on a world level from different countries including the U.K., U.S., Spain and France. They know and believe in us and have stated that “in the midst of this world pandemic, music can be the emotional support to resist, the inspiration to move forward,  and the emotional and spiritual health that the children need now more than ever”.

The private and public institutions, understanding this, are more flexible and open to the possibility of allowing us to proceed as soon as it is safe to do so.
Although our classes are officially suspended, we continue in a remote form thanks to all of you who believe in the music and its power. Thanks to each of you.
May music and its light in the hearts of our young never fade!

Many thanks.

Mahani Teave W.
Director of Toki’s School of Music and the Arts 

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