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Thank you for your heart-felt support this 2020

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It’s the end of the year again. It has been very intense and we have confronted profound issues that fill us with both sadness and extreme joy, and that have shaken us on a social, institutional and personal level.

2019 with its social upheavals was a shocking year for everyone in Chile.

Toki’s project, like life itself, lived these transformations, pains, questions, and hopes. This was felt by each person who participated actively, by our collaborators, by all those who believe en our project. Toki was built with hundreds of loving hands. It’s an entity which opens its doors every day to students, teachers, and people from all over the world who come to know it.

In 2019 we provided  a free and quality musical education to more than 100 children who see the Music School as not just as a place to develop their talents, but also as a luminous area of love and protection.

We have had the honor to receive grand teachers from all over the world who come to do master classes.

We have been capable of developing a network of relations and mutual collaboration with institutions and groups with whom we have a constant and virtuoso synergy.

We have turned our goal of sustainability into a reality, observing the fruit of our labor in the fields, using original seeds that provide marvelous produce using ancestral and modern techniques.

We have seen how everything bursts into bloom all around us, sometimes in the center of difficult senarios. We see that we are moving down the right road and that we must continue in spite of the “potholes” that we encounter. 

And all this is thanks to you who have been with us together in this project since we have known you, helping and loving Toki.  You have encouraged us to continue with the knowledge we are many who believe that it is possible that this speck of land- the most isolated, inhabited place on Earth-can protect its children and give them tools to develop all their potential and teach them to commit themselves consciously to the care of the planet.

We wish you a wonderful 2020 filled with love and blessings.

Thank you for your constant help, for promising your heart, your work, your energy. 2020 will be a tremendously challenging year. May we continue to see great  love, generosity and goodness on Earth.



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