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Education: New teachers at the School of Music and the Arts

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April 5, 2019 At the inauguration of the 2019 school year at Toki’s School of Music, the two new teachers were introduced, joining the other 7 teachers. Both were chosen because of their outstanding resumes and they are wonderful additions.

Each year the greatest challenge for the School of Music and the Arts, part of Toki’s founding project, is how to give a high quality, free musical education to all the children who have musical concerns and need high level teachers who are committed to their improvement.

April 5, 2019 the 2019 school year at the School of Music and the Arts was inaugurated at the Tongariki Cultural Center and the new teachers were introduced

This year we have the following musicians and teachers: Mahani Teave and Carla Fernandez (piano), Valeria Prado (piano and trumpet), Marisol Medina and Alejandra Rojas (violin), Elizabeth Sepulveda (cello, orchestra and ear-training), and Enrique Icka (musician).

Our traditional Rapanui areas focus on cultural rescue and preservation of the Rapanui language. Our teachers this year are Maria Victoria Tepano Pate who teaches ancestral song (re’o riu) and history classes, myths and legends (maramarama tupuna); Alberto Tepano who teaches ukulele (ukarere); Maria Angelica Pakomio who teaches Rapanui dance (ori) and Rapanui ancestral activation dances (hoko); and Haumoana Hey who teaches body painting with ancestral technique (takona).

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