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Agro ecology on Toki’s organic farm

Agro ecology on Toki’s organic farm

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Conscious of the precarious food situation on Rapa Nui where most items are brought from continental Chile at a high cost, we developed Toki’s Agricultural Program on a 1.5 hectare piece of land that we sowed using both ancestral Rapa techniques and the help of state of the art technology.

We grew both traditional crops and others intended for mass consumption. They were generally sold on the island, permitting us to help meet Toki ‘s expenses. We also donated to the vulnerable elderly community.  We share our knowledge with members of the Rapa Nui community who have agricultural land and need help farming it.

Fund for Agrarian Innovation (Fondo FIA)

Toki applied for the FIA with a project titled “Granja Organica de Toki” (Toki’s Organic Farm). It seeks to restore cultivation systems and rescue ancestral techniques that are seldom used now. We combine them with state of the art technology to generate more and higher quality produce with fewer resources. We hope to form a seed bank which will permit us to protect traditional species and those that have not been genetically modified.

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