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Preservation of culture and environment

Preservation of culture and environment

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NGO Toki works intensely to rescue the Rapanui language because it believes that a sustainable culture is one that can withstand time despite changes and globalization. Its traditional workshops are taught in the Rapanui by teachers who have a large anount of ancestral knowledge and good command of the language. They use entertaining and innovative forms to teach the rich and unique ancestral culture.

Workshops are offered in re’o riu (ancestral  song), ori (Rapanui dance), hoko (ancestral activation dances), takona (body painting using ancestral techniques), ukulele, and maramarama tupuna (which combines many traditional disciplines with on-site history lessons, and visits to share with knowledgeable elderly Rapa Nui.

NGO Toki participates very actively in projects to protect and care for the environment which are important for sustainability and facing the great ecological challenges that exist on Rapa Nui. They know that to make real and concrete changes it is important to join hands with the community, businesses, organized society and the local government. The School of Music provides a meeting space and Toki has taken on a natural leadership to help create the common dream of a sustainable island.

Space is offered for holistic development, and besides musical and artistic activities they work to rescue traditional herbal medicine, record ancestral stories, visit archaeological sites and retirement homes so that their students will learn the wisdom of their ancestors and preserve  the unique culture.

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