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The origin of the idea: Begins NGO Toki Rapanui

The origin of the idea: Begins NGO Toki Rapanui

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In 2012 Mahani Teave, together with Enrique Icka and a group of young island professionals created NGO Toki Rapa Nui: a ”toki” in the Rapanui language is the instrument used by their ancestors to carve the moai, the emblematic rock statues of Rapa Nui.

Their objective was to show that everyone could become a “toki”, to carve out a better future and develop a cultural space to preserve and foment the music,  arts, and traditions of Rapa Nui. 

Thanks to the donation of some instruments that year, the dream to create the free School of Music became a reality in several spaces on the islands which were lent to them including the church and teachers’ and students’ homes. The urgent need to have their own space to give classes led them to take the next step, the construction of a School.

Seven years later with their own School of Music and the Arts, they offer free classes to more than 120 children and adolescents who can study classical disciplines (piano, cello, orchestra, violin, music theory, trumpet) and traditional Rapa Nui discipline (typical dances and ancestral activation dances, ancestral song, body painting, ukulele, and more) taught in the Rapanui language.There are distinct artistic and cultural activities that are open to the Rapa Nui community,  ecological activities and patrimonial rescue ones.

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